About Us

Since 1998 RISHABH OILS PVT. LTD. has become the leading jojoba oil producer and manufacturer in India and one of the key suppliers of this miraculous and unique ingredient.

With tie up with jojoba farms of more than 50 hectares and manufacturing facilities fitted with state-of-the-art processing technology, Rishabh Oils Pvt. Ltd. supplies the purest jojoba oil to the Personal Care Industry, Pharma Industry, etc.

Rishabh Oils Pvt. Ltd. has intensely worked to create a corporate culture in which environmental concerns are as important as, for instance, emphasizing the achievement of the best service and product quality.

We are dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility, seeking to offer a stable supply of high-quality, standard-compliant jojoba-based products that satisfy ever customer’s ingredient, sensory and rejuvenating cosmetic need.


ROPL is firmly committed to supplying Jojoba to an expanding market that demands natural, high quality cosmetic ingredients. RISHABH OILS PVT. LTD. can guarantee that all our Jojoba products are free contamination because we process JOJOBA EXCLUSIVELY