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Bulk & Retail Marketing

Bulk Marketing and Packaging
Jojoba Oil is presented in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)/ Fresh MS Drums/ Food Grade Epoxy Coated MS Drums/ Food Grade Plastic Containers in Packings of :
  • 850 Kgs
  • 175 Kgs
  • 85 Kgs
  • 40 Kgs
  • 15 Kgs

Retail Marketing and Packaging
For Retail, we present Jojoba Oil in two variants :
  • Jojoba Oil Gold : 200 Ml and 50 Ml Packings
  • Jojoba Oil Gold with hint of Natural Lavender Oil: 50 Ml Packing
  • Jojoba Oil Gold: 200 Ml
  • Jojoba Oil Gold: 50 Ml

Our Endeavour :
To bring to the users – 100% Pure Golden Jojoba Oil by growing Jojoba Plants of known pedigree under strict conditions so that there is no contamination due to cross-pollination amongst different species resulting in poorer quality of seed and oil obtained through Seeded Plants. Understanding the concerns of Cosmetic Industry vis-à-vis erratic supplies, inconsistent quality and undependable intermediary behavior we have now established ourselves as a source for reliable supplies of Pure Jojoba Oil right from growing Jojoba to crushing Jojoba seeds to selling Jojoba Oil.


  • 200 ML

  • 50 ML

  • 50 ML Lavander

  • Ms Drums

  • Plastic Containers

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