Jojoba Cake

Natural jojoba cake is a 100% natural product derived from the seeds of the desert shrub SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS which is commonly known as Jojoba. The jojoba cake ( also known as jojoba meal ) is produced by mechanical cold pressing of the jojoba seed followed by milling and screening. Natural jojoba cake is used in a number of cosmetic applications such as face packs, facial scrubs, herbomineral mud soap, herbomineral bath salt, scrub creams, body exfoliants, foot scrubs, etc. The jojoba fibre effectively and gently exfoliates while the natural residual jojoba oil in the fibre leaves the skin soft and feeling smooth.

Typical Properties

  • Product Description : Milled jojoba seeds

  • General Appearance:Medium to light brown powder

  • Odor:Typical nutty ; Slight fatty

  • Moisture: <8.0%

  • Odor:Typical nutty ; Slight fatty

  • Jojoba oil content:>8.0%

  • PH:5-6 ( 10% aqueous solution )

  • Residual Solvents:None